October 22, 2018

Google Penguin Update – Quality Still Rules

While Google isn’t revealing exactly what their new Penguin update has done in terms of page ranking, it’s pretty clear that quality content still rules.

“Focus on creating high quality sites that create a good user experience,” said Google’s Matt Cutts in an announcement of the search update which appears to be heavily targeted at web spam.

Much like the Panda update last year the update also seems to give fresh content more weight, while penalizing sites that keyword stuff, cloak, and make use of “black hat” SEO tactics. Cutts also talked about duplicate content which can be seen as spammy and therefore penalized.

Instead, try to avoid duplicate content and use canonical link attributes to direct Google to your preferred page. The negative side to the Penguin update (beyond the countless number of quality content pages that dropped in ranking), is that this update opens the doors for negative SEO campaigns aimed at competitors. Keep your eye on linking sites and even page comments which might be aimed at devaluing your content.

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