September 25, 2018

Programming Students Adopt a Robotic Dog

Autonomous Robot at University of Advancing Technology

Recently a few Robotics and Embedded Systems students have adopted a dog! Well, actually, Kenneth Vorseth and Andrew Weisenberger have been working in the Robotics Lab to program and bring a robotic dog to life. If the robot were a real dog it would be considered to be highly trained in that this robot is autonomous, designed for the Autonomous Object Tracking Vehicles class at UAT. Just last week, I was walking by and saw student Kenny Vorseth (Robotics and Embedded Systems/ Game Programming) training the robotic canine how to fetch in the UAT Commons. Please watch the video to see for yourself. An update…

YouTube Tuesday: “The Composer” Student Innovation Project

At UAT, all students are required to complete a Student Innovation Project (SIP) in order to graduate, and DV students are no exception. Sometimes a SIP is a new product, a new technology, or in the case of many DV SIPs a new way of applying technology to tell a compelling and unique story. “The Composer” by Gwyneth Christoffel and Darien Marion combines live-action, stop-motion, and 2D animation to tell the story of a creatively blocked composer who needs a little nudge to move on with his life and start creating again. Since the film is just about to begin…

YouTube Tuesday: “Piece of Mind”

For this week’s YouTube Tuesday, here’s a solid little drama produced by Gwyneth Christoffel and Ceara McSherry for the DVA241 Digital Video Production class called “Piece of Mind.” This was their final project in the class and is a great example of cinematography, editing, and music all coming together to effectively tell a story. Enjoy! Find out more about Digital Video Professor Paul DeNigris:   Link to this post!Related PostsHow does Blockchain Impact Privacy? Tips for Networking Your Way to a Job Online Schools Help Adults Make Midlife Career Changes Social media: More than Doggos Is the Business Plan Dead?

Afterlife- A Short Film by UAT Digital Video Students


Afterlife is a short sci-fi film that follows the story of Mort, a lonely and socially awkward grave technician, who spends his days tending to a futuristic graveyard inhabited by AI holograms of the dead. Sadly, all of Mort’s friends and family have passed away leaving him isolated from human contact and in search of a companion. Just as he was feeling more destitute than ever, Lucy, a new resident arrives at the graveyard, but like all the others in the Afterlife family, she is also deceased. Mort’s feelings for Lucy rapidly flourish into love and he is determined to…

YouTube Tuesday: Good Faith Casting

If you’ve been on the UAT campus recently, you may have noticed large groups of actors coming and going. One day it’ll be all middle-aged men auditioning for a national commercial; the next day, tall athletic models auditioning for a magazine fashion shoot; another, pre-teens taking an acting class… you get the idea! And sometimes, actors are even here to audition for UAT Digital Video Program productions. But what do all these groups have in common? Good Faith Casting! Faith Hibbs-Clark and her daughter Bella Hibbs run Good Faith Casting, a full-service casting service that has had a relationship with UAT…

YouTube Tuesday: The Walking Dead

For this week’s new YouTube video, we’re featuring some coursework from the DVA254 Motion Graphics class. For their first project in the course, students are tasked with creating a “spec” title sequence for an existing film or TV show, using all-new materials. This week’s new video is student Brett Chapman’s submission for this project, a new title sequence for AMC’s The Walking Dead, featuring an unlikely theme song. Check out the video on YouTube, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to see our new videos first!   Link to this post!Related Posts5 Tips for Launching Your Cyber Security Career Preparing…

Digital Forensic Students Learn Video Forensics

Digital Forensics

This semester the Digital Forensic students are learning video forensics. Keith Swanson, a Forensic Examiner for the Rocky Mountain Information Network, has been sharing his vast wealth of knowledge on video forensics with our students. The class is a perfect fit for our University because we have many other degrees that produce high quality video. Audio and video forensics provide a “real-time ” account of a crime. Video and audio evidence is becoming one of the most prevalent forms of forensic evidence used in both civil and criminal cases. Just look how quickly cell phone video gets posted to the Internet. As the demand for…

The Ethics of Capturing Video of Tragedies

Capturing Video of Tragedy

At Practical Ethics, Hannah Maslen offers an interesting consideration of the ethics of using smartphones to capture video of tragedies, such as the Aurora movie theater incident a few weeks ago, and as has happened in numerous other tragedies over the last few years. Asks Maslen, “Is it ok to video horror as it unfolds? Might there even be good reasons to do so?” In ethics, a solid first step in determining if an action is the right thing to do is to decide whether there is any harm or benefit arising from it. For example, one might decide there is harm done because the video…

3D Printed Micro-Cars

3D Printed Cars

These tiny 3D Printed cars are 2cm long and have real moving wheels and doors! So tiny! So cute! You can download the design and order them from Shapeways. This is the mid size model — 2 cm long. Watch the video below: Link to this post!Related PostsWhy You Should Study Blockchain 7th Annual Tempe Geeks Night Out Opportunity is Right in Front of You VP of Insight Enterprises, Curt Cornum To Speak at UAT CollegeHack: Dealing with Stress in Positive Ways