October 19, 2018

Sensordrone: Smartphone Tricorder

This awesome kickstarter wants to add a suite of sensors to your Smartphone, taking it one step closer to a tricorder! The Sensordrone made by Sensorcon is “The 6th Sense of Your Smartphone and Beyond!” The Sensordrone allows you to run hundreds of new, previously impossible Apps. Includes several new sensors and bluetooth to make your smartphone smarter. SUCCESS! This project was backed 1,025 backers pledged $170,017 of their pledged of $25,000 goal to help bring this project to life. Related PostsWinners of the UAT Programming Jam Programming Jam at UAT Branch Prediction UAT Continues Support of STEM Initiative, As…

MEMS Thermal Sensor

This slick new thermal sensor from Omron is small enough to be embedded in mobile devices and provides a low-resolution, but useful, map of thermal sources in your environment. It’s an incredible leap in a technology that has traditionally been extremely expensive.  Next step to a tricorder? Link to this post!Related PostsThought Leader: What’s In It For Me? Importance of Emotional Intelligence Importance of Professional Networking UAT Business Technology Professor Offers Lean Startup Advice See Through Walls With Wi-Fi Devices