August 15, 2018

New Movie Tuesday: CRIMINAL

This week’s New Movie Tuesday is one of UAT Digital Video’s 48-hour films. This one hails from last Summer’s IFP 48-Hour “Beat the Clock” Challenge, where the parameters were that every film needed to include a fountain drink (the prop) and “Hey, get back here!” (the line of dialogue). UAT’s entry “Criminal” was directed by student Darien Marion and stars alum Jace Oppie, UAT fave Steve Briscoe, and students Saphire Tillmon and Daniel Hall. The film was improvised on the spot as the crew was setting up, and then was filmed in a number of takes where the actors riffed…

Black Hat 2015

Black Hat 2015

Black Hat is the most technical and relevant global information security event series in the world. For more than 16 years, Black Hat has provided attendees with the very latest in information security research, development, and trends in a strictly vendor-neutral environment. These high-profile global events and Trainings are driven by the needs of the security community, striving to bring together the best minds in the industry. Black Hat inspires professionals at all career levels, encouraging growth and collaboration among academia, world-class researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors. From its inception in 1997, Black Hat has grown…

UAT Alumnus Releases “Sketchcross” Game on PlayStation


  Do you love video games? UAT Alumnus Kendal Cormany, 24, definitely loves to play video games, but he also loves to create them, as well! Kendal earned a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming from the University of Advancing Technology in 2012. After graduation, Kendal was contracted to design mobile games, but he desired the creativity and freedom of starting his own business, which today is known as Spiky Fish Games. Kendal heard of an opportunity through friends at UAT about Game CoLab, an incubator who supports video game companies. In May 2014, he applied for the Community Development Block…

Remembering Ralph Baer, Father of Video Games

Ralph Baer

Photo from NPR. Technology and technology related fields move fast. Things change, hardware gets faster, software gets updated, engines get new releases, and games gain the potential to continue to grow because of it. Gaming is a field defined by what is next, potential, and where things are going. The video game industry is comparatively new on the entertainment scene (although many would argue “gaming” has been around since the dawn of man) and being new there have not been a lot of moments where we have lost industry icons. This weekend the game industry lost one of these icons and I believe…

HCI Graduates Success Stories

Our Human Computer Interaction (Interaction Design) major maybe still be small, mostly due in part of the reason is still being relatively young at UAT), our HCI graduates immediately secure jobs in their fields of study as soon as they graduate. Jaylyn Dawson, our HCI alum, was offered employment by Dish Network out of Denver, Colo., as soon as she graduated, as a junior interaction designer. Molly Satterfield, also HCI alum, had a great opportunity to do her internship at a medical office as a user testing expert. As soon as she graduated, she has been employed by KV Consultants, Inc. as…

Adobe Photoshop Dropping XP Support

Adobe Photoshop Dropping XP Support

Windows XP Photoshop users will be out of luck, if they decide to upgrade beyond Adobe CS6. The company recently announced they would no longer be supporting XP beyond the latest CS6 (13.0) upgrade. Adobe plans to to utilize GPUs in a way XP won’t be able to. Yeah, Windows XP did end up a pretty stable OS (by the time it was replaced by Vista), but Adobe says users should begin their “migration plans” to take full advantage of future Photoshop innovations. From Adobe: “Photoshop CS6 already demonstrates that relying on a modern operating system, graphics cards/GPUs and graphics…

Blade Runner Update

Blade Runner at London Olympics

Last month, this blog previewed the 2012 Summer Olympic performance of South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius, who was set to run in the 400 meter and 4×400 meter relay events. Pistorius and his teammates fared well in the relay, coming in 8th with a time of 3.03.46, a few seconds short of the Bahamian team’s gold-winning 2.56.72. In his solo 400 meters semifinal race, Pistorius ran 46.54, coming in 8th behind eventual gold medalist Kirani James of Grenada. Pistorius will also compete in the 2012 Summer Paralympics, which kick off later this month in London. Watch the 400 meters race…

Podcast: 99% Invisible

RomanMars-99 Percent Invisible

Roman Mars’ Podcast 99% Invisible investigates the aesthetic, engineering, and human design that goes into every day items that we never even think about. It’s a great exploration of our world that will leave you looking at the things around you in a new way. 99% Invisible is a tiny radio show about design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. The show started life as a project of KALW public radio in San Francisco and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco. Check out 99% Invisible:   Link to this post!

Beyond Project Glass

Created by Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design grad students Daniel Lazo and Eran May-raz, Sight is envisioned as an upgrade to Augmented Reality (AR) glasses where the glasses are fully and seamlessly integrated into the users environment, namely, in the form of contact lenses. “We were inspired by many present-day apps and several sci-fi movies,” says Lazo. “But most of the ideas came from us trying to visualize a world where this tech is standard, and what kind of interactions can happen in it.” As I watched their short video capturing this possibly future technology as a new way…

MEMS Thermal Sensor

This slick new thermal sensor from Omron is small enough to be embedded in mobile devices and provides a low-resolution, but useful, map of thermal sources in your environment. It’s an incredible leap in a technology that has traditionally been extremely expensive.  Next step to a tricorder? Link to this post!Related PostsThought Leader: What’s In It For Me? Importance of Emotional Intelligence Importance of Professional Networking UAT Business Technology Professor Offers Lean Startup Advice Leading Technology University Offers Elite Business Technology Degree For Tomorrow’s Top Business Management Innovators