July 16, 2018

UAT Digital Video | Reality Check, 48-Hour Film Challenge Winners

Reality Check

Recently UAT Digital Video students entered and won “Best Technical,” at an Inter-college 48-Hour Film Challenge. We spoke with the director, Brett Chapman to find out where the idea behind Reality Check originated. Read our Q&A with Brett below: UAT: That was a pretty realistic school shooting. Where did you get the idea for Reality Check? Were you afraid people may get offended and think your film is too similar to a real school shooting? Brett: School shootings are a horrifying reality of today’s world. Fellow UAT Digital Video students, Brandon Scott, Jordan Wippell, Chase Harper, Tina Hyland and myself…

Afterlife- A Short Film by UAT Digital Video Students


Afterlife is a short sci-fi film that follows the story of Mort, a lonely and socially awkward grave technician, who spends his days tending to a futuristic graveyard inhabited by AI holograms of the dead. Sadly, all of Mort’s friends and family have passed away leaving him isolated from human contact and in search of a companion. Just as he was feeling more destitute than ever, Lucy, a new resident arrives at the graveyard, but like all the others in the Afterlife family, she is also deceased. Mort’s feelings for Lucy rapidly flourish into love and he is determined to…