October 17, 2018

The U.S. Cyber War Needs More Soldiers

In a small town in Alaska, a sophisticated cyber attack nearly wiped out the Matanuska-Susitna (Mat-Su) Borough network servers with a virus cocktail of ransomware, a trojan horse, time bomb, Cryptolocker and dead man’s switch, according to reports by BleepingComputer and BBC. This attack forced the town’s businesses to dust off old typewriters and conduct business by hand until IT experts were able to get back online. While the use of machines that click clack is unsustainable in the digital world, the Mat-Su attack is just one example of the type of criminal activity happening in the public sector that…

At the Russian Science-Technology Geek Picnic Festival

My Talk at Geek Picnic

Wow! I just returned from Russia and 10,000 people attended the Geek Picnic Festival! I enjoyed the workshops in makerspace, robotics and also wearable computing – they were great! I met wonderful people and many students interested in the future of science and technology – artificial life, AGI, uploading, brain systems, and more. It was a great experience!   Link to this post!Related PostsFrom Game Dev Student to Game Developer Making Mobile Apps for Medical Students Demand for Robotics Engineers Is Growing, and It Pays Well Wearing Many Game Development Hats How does Blockchain Impact Privacy?