October 21, 2018

Are University Career Services Letting Students Down?

“Follow your passion.” “Take this personality test.” “You will make $75,000.” “Add an objective statement to your resume.” “Just keep applying to jobs online.” “Never give up.” Traditionally, higher education moves slow. But the job market does not. How can university career services departments adapt to better prepare students for the job search grind? Build community. It’s tough to get a job that you actually want by submitting applications into the internet void, even if you optimize your resume with keywords. According to Glassdoor, each corporate online job posting attracts 250 applications. Of those applicants, four to six get interviews….

How To Prepare For a College Career Fair

Bechtel at UAT Career Fair

Looking for a job or internship can be an intimidating encounter, but as college students, the end goal is to acquire job experience and eventually land a career in your chosen field of study before or shortly after graduation. A Career Fair usually consists a variety of recruiting companies from all different industries looking to speak with and get a feel for the applicants personality and job history to find the most relevant and qualified employees to add to their team. You are selling yourself to someone who will decide if they think you are a good fit for their company. It’s…

SIP Fair

Student Innovation Project

The Student Innovation Project, or SIP, gives students a chance to develop an innovative idea and put their creativity to work. As soon as their sophomore year, students are asked to begin brainstorming for their SIP, and also have two classes that help students prepare for their project. Students take PRO211, taught by Professor Vita-More, and PRO 483. During senior year, students use most of the time to work on the SIP, constructing a working model that will later be judged at the SIP Fair by UAT Faculty and local industry leaders for feedback. A student’s SIP is a reflection of what they…