October 17, 2018

Game Art Alumni Describes Dream Job as AAA Texture Artist

Game Art and Animation Alumni from University of Advancing Technology

Dennis Porter, an alumni who studied Game Art & Animation at UAT, graduated in December 2013. Since gaining experience in the field over the last few years, Dennis has learned a lot about what it takes to break into the AAA Game Industry as an artist. In case you weren’t aware, it’s quite the competitive market to land your dream job. Currently, Dennis is working as Texture Artist at Certain Affinity Game Studio in Austin, Texas, where he works on a team of four members who are responsible for creating physically accurate textures for the studio’s projects. Dennis collaborates with…

Animation at UAT | Fruition of the Damned – Book 1: Prelude to Rapture

Fruition of the Damned Web Comic Series

UAT alumni and valedictorian Nicholas Azevedo has created an awesome web comic series entitled, “Fruition of the Damned: A World’s Tale,” which is a character-driven fantasy saga that follows four brothers who come of age in the wake of a global tragedy, sealing their fates in a quest for ultimate revenge. This masterpiece features an in-depth story line, original artwork and interesting characters. We loved the comic and wanted to find out where Nicholas and his team came up with the idea. Find out more in our interview with Nicholas below. What was your major at UAT? (Congrats on being…

Adobe Photoshop Dropping XP Support

Adobe Photoshop Dropping XP Support

Windows XP Photoshop users will be out of luck, if they decide to upgrade beyond Adobe CS6. The company recently announced they would no longer be supporting XP beyond the latest CS6 (13.0) upgrade. Adobe plans to to utilize GPUs in a way XP won’t be able to. Yeah, Windows XP did end up a pretty stable OS (by the time it was replaced by Vista), but Adobe says users should begin their “migration plans” to take full advantage of future Photoshop innovations. From Adobe: “Photoshop CS6 already demonstrates that relying on a modern operating system, graphics cards/GPUs and graphics…

Pro Video Coalition: ‘Putting the After Effects CS6 3D Camera Tracker to the Test’

After Effects CS6 3D

Adobe After Effects has long been one of our go-to software apps in the DV Program, and it’s about to get even better with the release of CS6. Adobe is integrating more and more 3D tools into After Effects, making it even more of a one-stop VFX shop. Check out this tutorial on the new 3D Camera Tracker, as well as the new 3D Text tools. Link to this post!Related PostsFilm Your Final 48-Hour Film Challenge “Instinct” Military Survival Film Wins Two Awards DV film “Toppled” Now Online New DV Work: Calico – Short Sci-Fi Drama Film