January 21, 2018

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Importance of Emotional Intelligence

    Blog post by Business Technology Professor Mark Smith In both your professional and personal life you will need to develop your emotional intelligence IQ which is usually referred to as your (EQ). Communication is key to success in any relationship so it is very important to hone this skill of understanding the emotional state around the person that you are interacting with. An example of this is seeing someone that you want to communicate with is sad, you will naturally change your approach in how you open your conversation with them because you can visibly see they’re sad. The same…

  • Opportunity is Right in Front of You

    Opportunity is Right in Front of You

    Every moment we are observing the world around us. Suddenly, we might recognize something that is strange, problematic or simply curious. Our minds are stimulated. The cognitive switch begins processing information and then takes a brief pause. The pause allows awareness to respond. This can be accomplished sitting at our desks, working out at the gym, caring for others, or during a time of reflection. Awareness is an abstraction of things—or a concept. Awareness can also be propelled by a driving need to do something about what we observed. Doing something activates creative ideas. Acting on creative ideas brings about innovation. Otherwise,…

  • game producer at monolith

    The Life of a Game Producer Featuring Alumni Erin Ali

    Alumni Erin Ali graduated from UAT in 2007 with a Multimedia Degree. Today she has a career as an Online/Social Producer at Monolith Productions working on “Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” the sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Her job duties include running schedule and production for the Online and Business Development Team. At a high-level her job encompasses all server-driven features, working with the game publisher and multiple external teams for platform and BI support and building/driving the post-ship live plan with Marketing and Community. Because Erin studied Multimedia classes at UAT, she got exposure to roles/disciplines in industry that…

  • What is Game Art & Animation?

    Co-written by Game Art and Animation Jorge Portillo. Game Art and Animation (GAA) is a creative field in video game development. Without character art, would you feel as connected to a character? Without a realistic game world, what would pull a player into a game for hours and hours? Game art maps out a vision of how games will look, move and feel. Game artists make everything you see in a game world. At UAT, students with a passion for game art learn to create and animate environments, characters, textures, props and collision objects utilizing 2D and 3D platforms by industry-experienced…

  • Chill Out VR Snowball Fight for Arizona Tech Council mixer- created by Monster Vault Entertainment

    VR Snowball Fight Created by Game Alumni Monster Vault Entertainment

    UAT Game Studios students and alumni from Monster Vault Entertainment Studio will demo a VR snowball fight game called Chill Out, at Arizona Tech Council’s Tech the Hall’s After5 Tech Mixer. Chill Out is a multiplayer virtual reality game for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive developed by Monster Vault Entertainment. Up to 6 players can engage in a free-form snowball fight set in a snowy Holiday themed arena. Chill Out is unprecedented, as it makes use of Google’s cloud computing platform SpatialOS. This game is the first persistent virtual reality title using this technology. Monster Vault Entertainment’s focus on…

Playtest at ELine Media

UAT Game Students Playtest Game for Local Developer E-Line Media

Dec 4, 2017

On Friday, Game Professors Hue Henry and Jorge Portillo took 10 UAT students to E-Line Media to playtest one of their up-and-coming titles. E-Line Media is a local game developer that creates “Games for Change.” They are best known for their titles “Never Alone,” “Gamestar Mechanic” and “MINECRAFTEDU.” Students were able to experience the game testing world by interacting with multiple phases of the game, applying feedback verbally and through surveys. “It was great to see UAT build a relationship with such and impactful developer that is making games for the greater good of the community,” Professor Portillo said. Link…

Importance of Professional Networking

Nov 30, 2017

By: Dr. Mark S. Smith, Business Technology Program Champion We spend most of our lives gaining knowledge and learning from our experiences. Our wisdom gained is essential for performing a wealth of duties or tasks for various job roles and even entrepreneurship. These skills and abilities are priceless and have been forged by making mistakes, getting educated and experiencing life. We spend so much time preparing and tooling ourselves for what life may bring hoping for a career that will give us fulfillment and financial security. Having hope is great as it is a positive reinforcement but there is something…

EcoDefense, An Art & Animation Student’s Game Concept to Inspire Greener Living

Nov 28, 2017

By: Brenda Najera, UAT Game Art & Animation Student My goal here at UAT is to create a game that will branch out past gamers and reach a broader audience and show everyone how meaningful a game can be while also giving them a thought provoking message that would then hopefully inspire something great in them. I hope to achieve this goal with the project I am currently working on now. The game project called EcoDefense. The game puts you in the perspective of the main character, a small Martian girl that lives on a planet much like ours. One…

Lunarsea by Live in the Game Studios, UAT Game Design alumni

Indie Alumni Game Studio Live in the Game Releases New Game “Lunarsea”

Nov 21, 2017

Live in the Game, an alumni indie game studio, is especially excited about the recent release of their first published title “Lunarsea©,” which began development at the Global Game Jam in January 2017. Lunarsea© is a mobile/PC game aiding Cthulhu on his quest to steal the moon; Wry Reveries™, a point-and-click adventure game following the famous Edgar Allan Poe in a fictional series; and Model Weapons Expert™, where you follow a PTSD ex-soldier in a PC and VR world that is coming later in development. See a highlight here from RealOtakuGamer.com. Cthulhu is on the run after stealing the moon!…

Curt Cornum VP of Insight

VP of Insight Enterprises, Curt Cornum To Speak at UAT

Nov 21, 2017

Curt Cornum, Vice President and Chief Architect of Insight Enterprises shares his knowledge with UAT students in a special speaking engagement on Monday, Dec. 4. Cornum plans to speak on the topic, “Creating Real-time Business Solutions in the Age of Innovation,” which will broadly discuss the waves of innovative technologies are rolling in faster than ever before. This session will also examine aspects of these waves and share how several companies are responding with platform-based solutions that optimize operations while also creating new revenue streams. Please join Curt Cornum and UAT students, faculty and staff for this special event! Who:…

Professor Jill Coddington at Science Fair

UAT Computer Science Professor Judges Science Fair

Nov 17, 2017

Professor Jill Coddington judged an 8th grade Science Fair at Pikes Peak Christian School in Colorado Springs. UAT was a sponsor of this event and provided T-shirts as prizes to the top 3 winners. Professor Coddington spoke on the importance of STEM careers and what UAT does in educating young technologists for the future. Here are photos of the winners. Congratulations!   Link to this post!

Save the Date – Fall Student Innovation Project Fair (SIP)

Nov 14, 2017

The Student Innovation Project (SIP) Fair is a event to show off semesters of student’s hard work and innovative ideas. In preparation, students conduct extensive research and overcome challenges as they strive to innovate new ideas and products that aim to bridge gaps within their fields. Senior level students are coached and supported throughout the process and they learn to question their concepts and develop skills to move their projects forward. The upcoming SIP Fair for the Fall 2017 semester takes place on Dec. 7, in the UAT Theater. It is an all-day event, starting at 10:30 a.m. through the…