September 19, 2017

  • Programming Jam

    Programming Jam at UAT

    Calling all programmers! The fall semester has begun and it’s time to get busy innovating with a fun Programming Jam! UAT is holding a Programming Jam under the guidance of Computer Science Professor Tony Hinton starting on Friday, September 26, ending with an awards ceremony on October 6 in the UAT Theater. Check out a Raspberry Pi from the Library at UAT. Your team has one week to create ANYTHING! There will be prizes for First, Second and Third Place winners. Register here or reach out to Professor Hinton at Look for this flyer around campus with all of…

  • Chief Science Officer training at UAT

    Chief Science Officer Institute Returns to UAT

    The CSO Institute is back! Between 100-200 middle and high school students will be on campus on Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16, preparing to be advocates for STEM. The Chief Science Officer (CSO) program is a project that has been a partnership between UAT and the Arizona Tech Council/AZ SciTech Festival since 2015. What is uniquely great about this program is that it finds teens who love tech and then gives them a deep dive into leadership, networking, communication, social media skills and some advanced tech, as well). The result is that these future programmers and builders are…

  • Business Technology Professor Offer Lean Startup Tips

    UAT Business Technology Professor Offers Lean Startup Advice

    Many UAT students will become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses after graduation. Professor Mark Smith teaches Business Technology courses at UAT and has some great tips for how to operate a business under the lean principles. What is a lean startup? Lean startup ideals originated by author Eric Ries, which states that if companies invest their time into iteratively building products or services to meet the needs of early customers, they can reduce the market risks and sidestep the need for large amounts of initial project funding and expensive product launches and failures. When starting an online business, you want…

  • Cell phone charging hacks for emergencies like Hurricane Irma

    Phone Charging Hack for Emergencies

    UAT Computer Science student Christopher Peterson shows off a phone charging hack for emergencies. With hurricane season underway, this information is useful to residents in the areas affected by Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma. Not to mention, students living in Arizona should always be prepared as the desert is not a great place to be stranded, either. In the event that power is out and cell phone towers are down, a cell phone can be used for the flashlight feature, to photograph the scene and to help first responders locate you by GPS. Materials needed: 9V battery spring from pen car…

  • Reliable Research Tips for Graduate Students

    Principles for Research

    Information: Is It Reliable? Information is not difficult to find. Search engines utilize web databases, reviewers’ blogs and RSS feeds. Practicing research techniques that help you become adept at locating the information you need is easy. But how do you know if the information is accurate or relevant? So, we need an understanding of the diversity of information sources, which are largely developed through varied beliefs and influenced by social interactions. To simplify, the information sources must be evidence-based science, innovative technological facts, non-biased ethical standards, and stem from global mindfulness. Below is a list of 5 ways to determine…

UAT Workshop Game Jam

UAT Game Jam Workshop

Mar 20, 2017

UAT Game Studios Professor Matt Marquit assigned Game Art and Animation student Terrence Miller, the awesome task of hosting a game jam. As an artist, Terrence made it his own with the secret theme of “trigger words and safe spaces” to allow students to unleash their creativity and develop some pretty interesting indie games. Over the weekend, seven teams participated making a total of six games. Students Jesse Rogers, Kenny Ryan, Tyler Feddler and John Wiener served as judges with their experience participating in game jams, it was time to take a turn in the judges seat. Professors Mark Smith…

Branch Prediction

Mar 17, 2017

Written by: Advancing Computer Science student Christopher Peterson While browsing Stack Overflow one day, I stumbled upon a question asking why sorted arrays process faster than unsorted arrays. This led me to learn about the concept of “branch prediction.” Branch prediction is a processor’s way of speeding up processing time by guessing what a result is going to be. For example, if you have a conditional if statement, it will guess that it will evaluate to “true” and do all the processing for that. The downside to this is that, while it’s fast if it guesses correctly, it has to…

A Cliffhanger, Special effects magic, A Class Act, and Bringing Zombies to Life

Mar 14, 2017

One of the biggest projects at UAT right now is Help Falls, a student short horror film. The cast and crew are reaching new heights in Payson, Arizona on the set of this interactive student horror film where they filmed the opening sequence. Pictured here are Digital Video students Jordan Wippell, Killian Davies, Jake Turocy, Brandon Scott, Paul Lopez, Alex Beaver, Patrick Kebert and others. Payson is just two short hours from the technology University in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area. When finished, the unique short film will include six sub genres and not just one but 30…

UAT G33K Squad at Southwest VEX U Tournament

G33K Squad Competes in Southwest VEX U Tournament

Mar 13, 2017

UAT’s Robotics Team, the G33K Squad, took a road trip to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to compete in the Southwest VEX U Tournament on March 4, 2017. The team, along with Professors Jill Coddington and Mark Fedasiuk, spent a fun day of competing for a chance to win a spot in the VEX U World Championship. There were 12 University teams competing in this competition. Each team participated in six matches. The Southwest VEX U Tournament is the only regional tournament in our area. How does the Southwest VEX U Tournament work? There are two parts to the competition – autonomous…

Imagination Runs a Race With Veggies

Mar 13, 2017

Imagination can be very organic at UAT. No, really! New students work together to design race cars out of vegetables and race to see who built the fastest car! Don’t be fooled by the food. They’re learning quite a lot about the physics and aerodynamics involved, and cross-collaborating with a host of other academic degree programs that begins their preparation for the real world. Not to mention sparking a creative idea or two along the way.  Link to this post!

A New Take on Snake

Mar 12, 2017

When you can take what’s existing and find a new way to express it, change it, and build it to create new solutions, that’s innovation. And that’s what UAT student Andrew Weisenberger (Robotics and Embedded Systems major) did. He took the classic video game concept Snake, where the player maneuvers a line that grows in length, and developed his Student Innovation Project as its base. These comprehensive student projects at UAT are a state school’s equivalent of a master’s thesis but are way more fun and end up being leading projects in each student’s portfolio when they graduate and enter the workforce. …

Programming Jam

Bird’s Eye View

Mar 11, 2017

Students and professors gather in The Commons, the electrifying hub on the UAT campus. Whether they’re working or playing, they’re having a good time either way. UAT’s central Commons is outfitted with an abundance of computer workstations and an extensive technology infrastructure. Student and faculty learning and resource areas are designed to foster working in collegial groups, providing flexibility and much needed access to technology. An extensive library, social areas for students, the UAT Café, UAT student tutors and support staff are adjacent to enhance student life and collaborative learning. Link to this post!