August 15, 2018

Digital Maker & Fabricator DIY: Make Your Own ‘Smart Socks’ To Pause A Netflix Show When You Fall Asleep

Netflix smart socks

When binge watching Netflix shows, it’s common to fall asleep at the tail end of an episode never to know exactly where you left off. What if there was a special device that could sense when the viewer had fallen asleep and pause the show so they could resume right where they left off? Netflix created something that does just that! Netflix based the sleep-detection system in the socks off of “actigraphy,” which uses an accelerometer to tell when you’ve stopped moving for a while (presumably when you’ve fallen asleep). In the socks prototype, an LED light in the cuff of the…

Daredevil Arrives in the Nick of Time for UAT Crime Lit Class


Students in the HUM388 Crime Literature course are gearing up to read the Frank Miller-Frank Mazzucchelli Daredevil “Born Again” storyline, and it coincides perfectly with Netflix’s April 10 rollout of the Daredevil live action series from Marvel Television. If you’re unfamiliar with this groundbreaking storyline from the 1980s, it features Daredevil facing his darkest days as he battles to the finish against a seemingly unbeatable crime lord and his own personal demons. The gritty storyline was a return to the title for Miller that coincided with publication of yet another classic run on Batman, The Dark Knight. Both stories cemented Miller’s place in comic…