October 21, 2018

Can We Understand Massive Security Data?

Security software and technology are evolving rapidly, allowing security systems to collect and correlate more data about the inner workings of our network and computing systems, than ever before. But nearly no progress has been made in areas relevant to data visualization; which are key to allowing users to comprehend the vast amount of data collected. This puts at risk our ability to understand the key information required to make important decisions related to protecting our data assets. To put this simply, we’re using cutting edge technology to collect security data that we aren’t truly able to fully understand. Without…

Swÿp Technology Jumps Devices

Natan Linder, a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab and undergraduate researcher Alexander List have created a very clean, easy to use, user interface concept they call Swÿp–pronounced “swipe”—that allows users to drag files from the phone to the computer swiping their finger. It is an open source software, “cross-app, cross-device data exchange using physical ‘swipe’ gestures,” as they write on their website. It is such a cool concept that people wonder why it has not been invented before. Swÿp gathers information from your phone and iPad’s approximate location and account details, then ties…

Shifting the Role of Design

old theatre dashboard

The power of design today, design as a broader discipline, encompassing its many different types, such as graphic design, branding and identity, web design, but also user experience, is greater today than it has ever been. And it is time that businesses recognize its financial value. Design is no longer only for the elite. Increasing number of people expect elegant, simple, clean and intuitive design. Design-oriented companies who care about their customers and their experience with their products such as Apple and Amazon, to name a few, have invested their resources to create user centered experiences and fulfill user expectations….