July 18, 2018

Swÿp Technology Jumps Devices

Natan Linder, a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab and undergraduate researcher Alexander List have created a very clean, easy to use, user interface concept they call Swÿp–pronounced “swipe”—that allows users to drag files from the phone to the computer swiping their finger. It is an open source software, “cross-app, cross-device data exchange using physical ‘swipe’ gestures,” as they write on their website. It is such a cool concept that people wonder why it has not been invented before.

Swÿp gathers information from your phone and iPad’s approximate location and account details, then ties that information to a real-time gesture, the swipe (or Swÿp). If you hold two Swyp enabled devices next to each other, you can drag the files using simple physical gesture. Why do we care? Because it is so much easier to transfer files that way than using existing file-sharing technologies. The app is not available yet. There is more research to be done as they still need to resolve the spatial issues, and make other devices communicate with each other the same way, such as Kinect.

Source: FastCodeDesign

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