October 17, 2018

Build a 3D Printer With a 3D Printer

Next Fab

Want to learn to build your own 3D printer with a 3D printer?

MendelMax 1.5NextFab Studio has started training sessions on how to build your own “MendelMax 1.5” 3D printer out of plastic, using a “RepRap” 3D printer that is essentially also made out of plastic.

The $2,000 weekend class includes your own printer, which is about the price of a RepRap 3D printer, as well as, the 3D modeling software MOI v2.

To build a 3D printer of your own you’ll need a laptop (recommended Mac OS X 10.6+ and Ubuntu 11.04+), Python v2.7+, the Arduino environment, and a few other bits. The weekend training sessions in Philadelphia are being held on Aug. 4, Aug. 11, and Aug. 25. The deadline to signup for the next August 11, training has already passed but there may still be time to signup for the Aug. 25 workshop.


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