October 21, 2018

From Graphic Designer to UX Designer

In the tech world, UX designers are known as unicorns. They possess that elusive combination of visual design chops and technical skills. None of them grew up wanting to be a UX designer. Their job descriptions are all over the place, and companies can’t decide what to do with them. (So, they end up doing a little bit of everything.) UAT alumnus Brady Vontran’s path to UX design has been pretty typical because it has been atypical. When Brady arrived at UAT, he wanted to be a graphic designer. “It was a super vague goal, but at least I had…

Shifting the Role of Design

old theatre dashboard

The power of design today, design as a broader discipline, encompassing its many different types, such as graphic design, branding and identity, web design, but also user experience, is greater today than it has ever been. And it is time that businesses recognize its financial value. Design is no longer only for the elite. Increasing number of people expect elegant, simple, clean and intuitive design. Design-oriented companies who care about their customers and their experience with their products such as Apple and Amazon, to name a few, have invested their resources to create user centered experiences and fulfill user expectations….