September 25, 2018

Alumni Releases New Game: Spray ‘N’ Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

Spray N Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

We recently received an update from Mike Densmore, an alumni who dual majored in Game Design and Game Art & Animation at UAT, and he has some exciting news to share about new mobile game Spray ‘N’ Prey, published by his indie game company Monster Vault Entertainment. Spray ‘N’ Prey is a bullet hell shooter that pits you against a never ending onslaught of Monsters. Let the bullets fly as you unleash Hell with explosions to even the odds to keep the murder spree going. Compete for top spot bragging rights in the Murder Machine ranking system. The game is…

Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza – Now on Google Play

Bubble Wrap PopAPalooza

Do you have friends or siblings who like to pop Bubble Wrap? Most people enjoy this simple, yet satisfying task, which is why it’s the perfect idea for a video game! “Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza” was produced by Ara Shirinian, Principal Designer at WePlay Media and Tyler Weiss, a UAT student dual majoring in Game Programming and Advancing Computer Science, in partnership with Sealed Air, the official Bubble Wrap brand. Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza is a fun game with fundamentals which resemble the old “Whack A Mole” carnival game but replaces the mole with fun activities and gameplay…

Terrasect Mobile

Terrasect Mobile

“I’m tired of hearing that UAT students aren’t doing anything here. It’s not true.”  “I’m tired of hearing that UAT students aren’t doing anything here. It’s not true,” said John Wisniewski, 27, a senior in the Game Programming curriculum, who keeps himself busy by following his dream to create video games. About a year ago, John and co-owner Jeff Rosenberg, 24, started Terrasect Mobile, LLC and added a core team of skilled programmers, designers and artists to the mix. The Terrasect team also includes the following UAT students: designer Donald Schepis, 20, artist Molly Cuddihy, 20, designer Nick Reed, 27, UAT…