October 21, 2018

Google I/O: Project Glass Demo

Google Glass, photo by Isabelle Olsson

Google’s Project Glass is a really exciting project, combining augmented reality and wearable computing. Wearable computers have been around for as long as computers have become small enough to be portable, but they haven’t become popular due to usability and form-factor issues. Google’s project aims to address both of these issues. Engadget has a great article and a pair of videos on Sergey Brin’s Project Glass demo from the Google I/O event. Link to this post!

Developer Edition of Google Glasses Priced at $1,500

The much-anticipated augmented reality eyeglasses just got a little closer to the consumer market with Google’s announcement at the IO 2012 conference that the Project Glass Explorer Edition will be available to select developers for $1,500, with a ship date sometime next year. It is hoped that these developers will aid Google’s Project Glass effort in determining innovative uses for the product. While consumer needs will vary across markets, it seems certain skydivers will be among the first to line up for consumer editions. Link to this post!Related PostsUAT Alumni Launch Jetstreame Studios Create a jQuery Website in a Day Google Using…