September 25, 2018

The Thrill of 48 Hours

In celebration of UAT’s Founding Day, faculty and staff take the day off, but that doesn’t mean students are just sitting around the tech-infused campus bored… no way! As a tradition, the UAT Game Studios department hosts a 48-hour game jam on Sept. 23, in honor of UAT’s Founder’s Day. 

What is a game jam, you ask? 

A game jam is a dedicated game development event lasting 48 hours, that gives game developers including designers, programmers and artists the opportunity to work together to build a complete game. No, it’s not required for students to partake in the game jam, but there are some great reasons to do so such as the opportunity to improve on your skills, meet new developers, utilize quick decision making and problem solving, as well as have a complete game build to add to your portfolio to show future, potential employers. 

Game Jam’s may take a lot of work, but for a game developer who’s looking to break into the industry, the payoff is big! Employers like Blizzard Entertainment and Bungie want to see that applicants went above and beyond their assigned classwork and invested extra time into themselves and their skills. 

If developing video games for industry is what you want in your future, don’t miss out on game jam’s held at UAT throughout the year. 

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