October 22, 2018

Putting a Drone to the Test

On this calm, sunny day at UAT, Digital Video students are using this time to practice take-off and landing… of what you might ask. Well, today, they are piloting a drone!

Film students utilize a range of technology including drones affixed with cameras and microphones in order capture the desired footage to tell their story. A drone can assist in filming aerial shots on set which can be impossible to create without an aerodynamic device capable of flight.

At UAT, it’s common to see student film crews with fancy camera equipment like drones working in groups on campus to create a short film. After the film has gone through post-production, faculty and staff are amazed to see how students transform ordinary spaces around UAT into their ideal set making them almost unrecognizable as to what came before.

Aim high! Having access to industry standard equipment gives UAT students real-world practice while in college to help them master these technologies to become seasoned filmmakers. Get your hands on a drone today!

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