October 22, 2018

Meet New Freshmen

Daniel McWhorter 

Not afraid to get involved, ask questions and engage with topics in other disciplines, Daniel is a brand-new student at UAT, studying Game Art and Animation.

His professors have noticed that Daniel stands out for being conscientious and creative within the mere months that he’s been with us. Daniel appreciates the intimate setting that UAT provides where he can casually meet with tutors, mentors and professors for help in the Commons.

Daniel has been earning top marks in class, but still finds time for fun, personal projects like a cool “prop space blaster,” where he gets to let his creativity take over! The sky is not the limit when technology is the medium! Let your passion lead you out of this world like Daniel and his prop space blaster!

Lyndsey Boggs 

Lyndsey’s passion for technology led her to UAT from her hometown in Rogers, Minnesota. As a game designer, she’s been diving headfirst into projects, collaborating in teams and letting her innovative ideas run wild.

With access to the best resources in game development at UAT, Lyndsey is perfecting her skills and considering adding a second major in game programming to her arsenal in order to reach her dreams of landing a career in level design or narrative design in the future. Lyndsey also pitched an idea for a cool restaurant concept called “Pizza Sweetza” in Professor Mark Smith’s Business Technology class and won a 3d printed Mark Tank trophy! The phrase “can’t stop, won’t stop” comes to mind as Lindsey continues to absorb all the game dev knowledge she possibly can.

Konrad Burns 

In his first week at UAT, Konrad formed a team and together they created a winning project for the iconic Provost Challenge, where Dr. Dave Bolman gives the following instructions, “Create something cool and complete. GO!”

This broadness of the assignment allows for creativity, innovation and technology to intersect, enabling students to develop a range of neat projects. Winning the Provost Challenge helped to spark Konrad’s enthusiasm for UAT, as he realized that passion for technology oozes from all corners of the building.

He found his calling, the place where he can develop his skills and prepare for his dream career as an art lead for a major game company. Keep an eye on Konrad in the future!


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