September 25, 2018

Comic Fest

A huge highlight of the summer for UAT students and faculty alike is the epic Phoenix Comic Fest, known for swarming the downtown Phoenix Convention Center for 4 awesome days of Sci-Fi, super hero and comic book shenanigans! 

UAT added value to Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comic Con) by offering advice from Program Champion Derric Clark, who spoke on a panel on Game Development along with other local experts. 

UAT Game Studios students and alumni also featured their indie games at the Southwest Video Game Showcase on platforms such as the HTC Vive, Samsung VR and Google Cardboard, as well as PC and mobile. Comic Fest attendees had the opportunity to play Escape Room VR, a game designed for an external client by alumni Waden Kane Studios. Other UAT games featured were Morpheus, which was a UAT Game Studios build and Wizards 1984 VR created by alumni Terrasect Mobile, LLC. 

Students let their creativity run wild as many drew inspiration from their favorite film or video game to dress up in cosplay for the day, some even had multiple cosplays to choose from, a different character for each day! 

As lovers of all things geeks, the student body at UAT can’t wait for the Phoenix Comic Fest to return in May 2018! 

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