September 25, 2017

UAT Alumni Use Intel RealSense Technology

Intel RealSense

A group of nine game developers consisting of UAT alumni and faculty participated in Intel’s Real Sense Hacker Lab on Thursday, June 25, in Tempe.

This was the first time these developers had seen or learned about Intel RealSense, which is new hardware equipped with special cameras that Intel is now installing in laptops and tablets.

During the hands-on demo, the developers learned about the different cameras’ functions like infrared, stereo, as well as gesture tracking, and hand and face movements.

After the demo and a break for lunch, a 4-hour jam session began where each developer worked on a game or app using RealSense technology. After the demos were completed and presented, awards were given out to the top apps.


Intel RealSense Jam

Intel RealSense Jam

UAT alumni Jeff Rosenberg took first place with his idea for a cool rock climbing game using hand and gesture detection. He was awarded a new laptop from Intel for his efforts.

Non-gaming apps are also encouraged such as another participant who created an elevator control system for blind people using hand gestures instead of buttons. What a cool innovation!

Participants also were permitted to keep the RealSense camera to keep building games in the future.

Intel hopes to generate more interest in RealSense technology and inspire game developers to design games and apps for their new hardware.

Professor Derric Clark
Jeff Rosenberg
Kendal Cormany
John Wisniewski
Garrett Widener

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Intel Realsense Technology

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