June 23, 2018

2012 ComicCon Reflection on the Masses (Masses of Fun That Is!)

Phoenix Comicon

Another year, another Phoenix ComicCon. ComicCon 2012 was another banner event for both the area and for UAT’s presence at the event.

Wil Wheaton commented in the The Next Generation panel that Phoenix ComicCon was one of the best run conferences around and I have to concur.

Over 32,000 people played, gamed, screened, dressed up and otherwise had great fun at the event.

UAT Robot- free hugs

For UAT, the Digital Video students films screened as a part of the Con film festival. Students attended in droves enjoying the panels and events like StoryTime with Wil Wheaton. The UAT autonomous robotics class project Murphy, who is RC and LIDAR controlled depending on his configuration, made the rounds giving out Free Hugs and information on the institution. Murphy additionally played a zombie in the children’s Plants vs Zombie’s live action role play (LARP) game.

Lite Flight, the University’s interdisciplinary technology project for commencement (crowdsourcing control of a flight simulator game) was on display at the UAT table in the game competition area and garnered a lot of attention and conversation. And, as usual, UAT’s Ninja Stars were flying across the con in nearly every room – adding a gaming flavor to every space and prompting friendly competition and hijinks. Can’t wait until 2013!!

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