October 21, 2018

Game Art Alumni Describes Dream Job as AAA Texture Artist

Game Art and Animation Alumni from University of Advancing Technology

Dennis Porter, an alumni who studied Game Art & Animation at UAT, graduated in December 2013. Since gaining experience in the field over the last few years, Dennis has learned a lot about what it takes to break into the AAA Game Industry as an artist. In case you weren’t aware, it’s quite the competitive market to land your dream job. Currently, Dennis is working as Texture Artist at Certain Affinity Game Studio in Austin, Texas, where he works on a team of four members who are responsible for creating physically accurate textures for the studio’s projects. Dennis collaborates with…

Alumni Releases New Game: Spray ‘N’ Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

Spray N Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

We recently received an update from Mike Densmore, an alumni who dual majored in Game Design and Game Art & Animation at UAT, and he has some exciting news to share about new mobile game Spray ‘N’ Prey, published by his indie game company Monster Vault Entertainment. Spray ‘N’ Prey is a bullet hell shooter that pits you against a never ending onslaught of Monsters. Let the bullets fly as you unleash Hell with explosions to even the odds to keep the murder spree going. Compete for top spot bragging rights in the Murder Machine ranking system. The game is…

Broken Window Studios Released Reflections Game on Steam Early Access

Reflections Game

Broken Window Studios, an independent or “indie” game company consisting of UAT alumni, has released their newest game, Reflections on Steam Early Access on June 26, 2015. Reflections is a real-world narrative where each decision you make has meaningful consequences that radically shape the gaming experience. The game begins in black and white and uses color to introduce new story elements before the player understands its purpose. What is Steam Early Access? This platform offers gamers an opportunity to purchase immediate access games that are still being developed with the chance to provide influential feedback to the developer’s continued creation of the game, for a discounted price. Early Access games evolve…