September 25, 2018

Congratulations to Alumni Daniel Sontag on Winning First Emmy Award

Daniel Sontag, UAT Digital Video alumni.jpg

Daniel Sontag, a Digital Video Alumnus who attended UAT from 2005-2009, won his first Emmy in the Lone Star Regional Emmy’s for the Promotion/ Program Award category on October 15, 2016. Daniel works as a Manager of Brand Marketing at NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth, which is the fifth largest market in the United States, which means their viewership is very saturated and has a loyal audience. NBC 5 DFW’s veteran Chief Meteorologist David Frinfrock has been with the station for 40 years, but has plans to retire in a few years. To welcome new meteorologist Rick Mitchell to the team,…

Show No Mercy Featuring Student Game Animation

Crimson Nights game animation featured in Show No Mercy film

Over the past few semesters, UAT Game Studios students developed a  game called Crimson Nights, which is a multiplayer dungeon crawler with a retro arcade feel. Crimson Nights developers were introduced to a film crew, who were in the process of producing a film called “Show No Mercy” and they wanted to have a video game displayed on the arcade machine in their film. The filmmakers loved Crimson Night’s retro arcade style and decided it was perfect for their film. Over a weekend, the development team got to work and sent over some ideas for the film crew. From there, Crimson Nights…

Digital Video Student Attends German Film Festival

Jordan Wippell at SEHSÜCHTE Film Festival

In April, UAT Digital Video student Jordan Wippell flew to Potsdam, Germany to attend the SEHSÜCHTE 45th International Student Film Festival. Jordan had an amazing opportunity to showcase a music video called “Erase” that he produced for the band They Might Be Giants. The music video was originally a submission to a Facebook contest – the band selected Jordan’s as their favorite and used it as their official music video. What a cool beginning for a young filmmaker! Jordan has entered “Erase” in many film festivals around the world and decided to enter the SEHSÜCHTE International Student Film Festival, as well. At SEHSÜCHTE, They Might Be Giant’s…

Ouroboros – Award-Winning Short Sci-Fi Film Finishes Year-Long Film Festival Tour

After a year on the film festival circuit across the nation, UATDV’s award-winning sci-fi drama short “Ouroboros” is now available for public viewing on our YouTube channel. Based on an original story idea by Digital Video Program Champion Professor Paul DeNigris, “Ouroboros” was directed by student Alexander Broderick from a screenplay crafted by student Vanessa Schell. Evanne Carter produced, Annie Winn was the cinematographer, and David Ford oversaw visual effects. All of these students have since graduated and begun their professional careers, building upon their experience making “Ouroboros” among other school projects. “Ouroboros” tells the story of quantum physicist Dr….

UAT Digital Video | Reality Check, 48-Hour Film Challenge Winners

Reality Check

Recently UAT Digital Video students entered and won “Best Technical,” at an Inter-college 48-Hour Film Challenge. We spoke with the director, Brett Chapman to find out where the idea behind Reality Check originated. Read our Q&A with Brett below: UAT: That was a pretty realistic school shooting. Where did you get the idea for Reality Check? Were you afraid people may get offended and think your film is too similar to a real school shooting? Brett: School shootings are a horrifying reality of today’s world. Fellow UAT Digital Video students, Brandon Scott, Jordan Wippell, Chase Harper, Tina Hyland and myself…

Donate to DV Student’s IndieGoGo Campaign to Fund ‘Help Falls’

Help Falls

1 film. 6 genres. 30 endings. How will Help Falls end? Help Falls is an interactive horror short film written by the Brandingo Films duo, made up of Digital Video students Brandon Scott and Jordan Wippell, who’ve teamed up on many past film projects leading up to this one being their Student Innovation Project. In order to raise money needed to film this innovative short, Brandon and Jordan have started an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. They can’t do it alone! They need your help. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated as the film production team continues to search for…

See Through Walls With Wi-Fi Devices

Superman See Through Walls with Wifi Devices

Cutting edge technology now gives Superman some competition. Scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have developed a device that uses WiFi signals to effectively see through walls and other obstacles, with the ability to identify which persons are standing behind it. This new technology coined RF Capture, is enhanced version of previous methods of capturing movements across a house – technology used by mothers to see their baby’s breathing and firefighters to determine if there are survivors in a burning building. How does RF Capture work?  RF-Capture works by transmitting wireless signals that, upon hitting a person standing behind a wall,…

Full UAT Scholarship Awarded To Visual Effects Winner at All-American High School Film Festival

Paul DeNigris and Visual Effects Winner Robert Flummerfelt

UAT Digital Video Program Champion Paul DeNigris was in New York City last weekend for the All-American High School Film Festival. The Digital Video department partnered with the Festival to give away a full-tuition scholarship as the grand prize in the Visual Effects category. The All-American High School Film Festival, running since 2003, receives over 2,000 film entries from 48 states and 15 countries each year, from that only 300 films are officially selected. The partnership came together in a whirlwind as Professor Sharon Bolman contacted the organizers of “the world’s largest high school film festival” just days earlier. The prospect…