July 18, 2018

YouTube Tuesday: “The Composer” Student Innovation Project

At UAT, all students are required to complete a Student Innovation Project (SIP) in order to graduate, and DV students are no exception. Sometimes a SIP is a new product, a new technology, or in the case of many DV SIPs a new way of applying technology to tell a compelling and unique story.

“The Composer” by Gwyneth Christoffel and Darien Marion combines live-action, stop-motion, and 2D animation to tell the story of a creatively blocked composer who needs a little nudge to move on with his life and start creating again.

The Composer cast and crew

The Composer cast and crew

Since the film is just about to begin its film festival run we are not able to post the complete movie at this time. But the SIP pitch video that explains the project in detail is now available on YouTube!

Find out more about Digital Video Professor Paul DeNigris: www.linkedin.com/in/pdenigris


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