September 25, 2018

World Usability Day at PayPal, Scottsdale

World Usability Day

For the last several years, PayPal headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., has been celebrating World Usability Day, with a series of events, networking opportunities and prizes. This past November some of the local companies, such as PayPal themselves, Pearson and 29th Drive Design Studio have shared some of their out of the box strategies to increase customers engagement.

PayPal’s design team gave a presentation that showcased how customer engagement is at the core of every change they made in their online environment. Pearson publishing company gave an inspiring presentation about the incorporation of their weekly co-design sessions with children ages 7-12 into the product development process. 29th Drive Design studio conducted a brief brainstorming session/workshop about how to build the fastest airplane using provided basic material.

Molly Satterfield, our HCI alum, was part of the planning committee for the event as also and active member of IxDA Association. Seven of my students from HCI program and Digital Media attended the event which gave them a great opportunity to compare knowledge they have gained in a classroom setting with the real world design thinking at play in big successful companies such as PayPal. Some of them also won good prizes, which made the event even more worthwhile for them.

Companies such as IBM and Kydak came to recruit new young designers and our students had the opportunity to talk to them and to possibly set the stage for their internship and future job placement.

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