October 21, 2018

World of Martz

World of Martz from UAT Game Studios

We spoke with game creator Khirey Sumerall about current UAT Game Studios team World of Martz.

World of Martz is a multiplayer game that combines different genres to create intense combat with strategy and quick decision making skills. The player must also strategize ways to defeat random level events and a vast level to plan where you stalk your enemy in which you can succeed by deception teamwork or free for all.

This game also has a day and night cycle that creates level events where enemies will spawn to complicate the head-to-head play between players who have unique abilities and powers with melee hand weapon combat.

Here’s an example of a build review that each game development team submits as their progress incrementally throughout the semester.

World of Martz is also a single player game. As we hope to eventually get multiplayer to work consistently and the functionality is not always there so we will most likely focus on single player aspect for the end of the summer semester of development.

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