September 25, 2018

VR Snowball Fight Created by Game Alumni Monster Vault Entertainment

Chill Out VR Snowball Fight for Arizona Tech Council mixer- created by Monster Vault Entertainment

UAT Game Studios students and alumni from Monster Vault Entertainment Studio will demo a VR snowball fight game called Chill Out, at Arizona Tech Council’s Tech the Hall’s After5 Tech Mixer.

Chill Out is a multiplayer virtual reality game for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive developed by Monster Vault Entertainment. Up to 6 players can engage in a free-form snowball fight set in a snowy Holiday themed arena.

Chill Out is unprecedented, as it makes use of Google’s cloud computing platform SpatialOS. This game is the first persistent virtual reality title using this technology.

Monster Vault Entertainment’s focus on cutting edge technology makes them one of the most innovative tech startups in Tempe, AZ. Monster Vault Entertainment will be releasing their newest title Call Center Simulator for early access next year.

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