October 22, 2018

UAT Welcomes Southern Colorado Girls STEM Initiative to Future You University

UAT Welcomes Southern Colorado Girls STEM Initiative to Future You University

The Southern Colorado Girls STEM group lead by Professor Jill Coddington, UAT Program Champion in Advancing Computer Science and Robotics, spent the weekend at UAT’s Tempe campus for a Future You University event during June 10-13, to offer these students a taste of the technology-infused innovation that surrounds our students each and every day. 

These 17 middle school students won a STEM competition and their prize was a technology-filled experience at UAT. Over the weekend, the girls participated in workshops and seminars, campus tours, a weekend stay in UAT Founder’s Hall dormitory, Veggie car races, a 3D printing demo, Innovation Games, fun with Lego Robots, intro to Network Security, film screening and info session, time in the Maker Lab and movie night. 

The famous Veggie car races at UAT

The famous Veggie car races at UAT

For many of these students, this was their first time flying on an airplane, visiting Arizona and living in a college dorm. It’s great to see teenage girls ages 13-15 getting excited about college and technology at a younger age than many typical college bound students.

Mark Chaszar, General Manager at UAT Founder’s Hall said, “The girls had an absolute blast! They were so excited to experience what it’s like to attend college and play with our awesome technology. I bet we’ll see some of them back at UAT as students in the future!”

Southern Colorado Girl's STEM Initiative building robots at UAT

Southern Colorado Girl’s STEM Initiative building robots at UAT

Professor Jill Coddington who spearheaded this initiative said, “The Future You U was an eye-opening event for the STEM girls that participated. Living in dorms and having roommates they did not know was only the beginning of the “college life” experience. They learned about many possible STEM degrees at UAT and got a taste of each with hands-on seminars to learn and explore. It was an exciting and amazing opportunity for this group of Colorado girls!”

Thanks to Professor Jill Coddington for arranging this wonderful experience!

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