September 25, 2018

UAT to Provide Dancers of Ballet Arizona Opportunity in Higher Education

Dancers of Ballet Arizona Scholarship

UAT to Offer Ballet Arizona Dancer Scholarship

University of Advancing Technology (UAT) to offer dancers of Ballet Arizona a higher education opportunity to earn a technology degree by presenting the UAT Dancers of Ballet Arizona Scholarship.

According to Kenna Draxton, of the Artist Relief Fund, “The career of a ballet dancer is often seen as glamorous and blessed, perfecting an art they love, but the tale that is rarely told is the end of a dancer’s career, which if a dancer is lucky extends only into their mid-thirties.”

Typically, the end of a dancer’s career is met with uncertainty of their future career, having spent a life dedicated to the art of dance, most dancers have little to no college education, making it difficult to step forward into a new career path.

Often described as the Juilliard of technology, UAT recognizes the correlation between the art of dance and the art of technology and by offering a half-tuition scholarship to current Ballet Arizona dancers; we are opening a new channel of creative individuals to join the rapidly growing STEAM industry. This scholarship is also available to dancers who wish to enroll and begin classes within one year of retiring from the Company.

UAT to offer Dancers of Ballet Arizona Scholarship for technology degree.

UAT to offer Dancers of Ballet Arizona Scholarship for technology degree.

Ballet Arizona dancers who qualify can also benefit from flexible class scheduling, a streamlined acceptance process, a hands-on and skills oriented class environment taught by industry professionals and access to all campus technology and resources at UAT.

As Jason Pistillo, UAT President said, “I’ve always been fascinated with performance artists and the dancers of Ballet Arizona are in a class of their own. The combination of discipline, hours of practice, innovation and creativity is pure magic. These are all the same ingredients that make magical technologists. I am at the edge of my seat to see how the dancers can reharness that raw ability through our education to make the next generation of technology innovation.”

About Artist Relief Fund:
The mission of The Artist Relief Fund is to provide the dancers of Ballet Arizona financial support in times of extended injury, personal hardship, and imminent career transition. The Artist Relief Fund raises funds by hosting an annual production created by Ballet Arizona dancers through which the dancers are able to develop meaningful relationships with their community. The Artist Relief Fund, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization.


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