September 19, 2017

UAT Professors Teach Technology To Seniors In Tempe

Professor Fuentes with Seniors at Tempe Library

Local Technology University Offers iPad Instruction To Senior Citizens

Senior citizens who feel like today’s technology has left them behind have an opportunity to catch up!

This summer, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) Professors Angel Fuentes, Matthew Marquit, and Yvonne Watterson are teaching free technology classes on iPad instruction to seniors at four Tempe Public Library locations.

Tempe Tech Classes are geared for residents age 50+, who have little experience with computers and want to learn how to use an iPad. Classes hold up to 10 people and will run through Aug. 19, 2015. iPads will be provided for classroom use.

iPad instruction for senior citizens

iPads will be provided for classroom use.

Tempe Tech Classes available:

· iPad Basics – You will learn about the iPad, iPad settings, how to find a Wi-Fi network, how to take pictures, and how to browse the web.

· iPad Apps: Productivity – You will learn about the default apps, how to use a web browser, how to setup an email account, and how to use helpful apps like notes, calendar reminders, maps and weather.

· iPad Apps: Fun and Games – You will learn how to FaceTime, use iTunes, find videos, read books, play games, and use a photo editor.

· iPad Security – You will learn how to use the Find My iPad app, how to set a passcode, how to use Keeper Password Manager and banking apps.

“Some of the individuals in these classes have never seen nor touched an iPad.”

“We have received positive feedback from the iPad classes. The seniors love it and I enjoy sharing knowledge with others in the community. Some of the individuals in these classes have never seen nor touched an iPad, and now they can FaceTime with their family or play games and they know they aren’t going to break the device,” said Professor Fuentes.

Tempe Tech Class locations:

Cahill Senior Center – 715 W. 5th St., Tempe

Escalante Senior Center – 2150 E. Orange St., Tempe

North Tempe Senior Center – 1555 N. Bridalwreath St., Tempe

Pyle Adult Recreation Center – 655 E. Southern Ave., Tempe

Classes are free, but registration is required.


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