October 17, 2017

UAT Professors Rock Coding Seminars at the Great Arizona Code Challenge

Great Arizona Code Challenge

Photo above: Professor Mark Fedasiuk working with a student during the robot demo.

The first annual Great Arizona Code Challenge took place at Infusionsoft Headquarters the weekend of July 24-25, offering 38 high school students the opportunity to attend coding seminars taught by UAT Professors, where they could ask questions and discuss their ideas.

The Code Challenge started off with an ice breaker in order for the programmers to get acquainted and to inspire collaboration within the group.

Infusionsoft provided attendees with a comfortable and fun work space where they could code around the clock to create an original game for the coding competition. Students who did not have their own technology were able to borrow laptops from Infusionsoft.

Great Arizona Code Challenge

Getting to work at the Great Arizona Code Challenge

Students stayed fueled over the weekend with sodas, snacks, pizza and Jimmy Johns delivery. It’s not all work and no play! They even had a chance to relax by playing fussball, ping pong or shooting pool in the beautiful office space.

Students from all over the Valley participated in the 36-hour hackathon. Many of them didn’t take a break for the night and pulled all nighters like true programmers who tend to find themselves in the zone!

Two of UAT’s professors taught seminars that really impressed and inspired the participants, ranging from 9-12th graders.

Professor Mark Fedasiuk presented “Robotics and Robot demonstrations” and sparked interest with a robot that does facial recognition in a crowd or from an image.

Professor Hue Henry presented “Game Engines and Scripting” which opened the students eyes to the wonders and power of game engines.

Prof. Hue Henry  teaching at the AZ Code Challenge

Prof. Hue Henry teaching at the AZ Code Challenge

During the closing ceremony on Sunday, the winners of the Great Arizona Code Challenge Arianna Sokolov and Laura Lu were awarded partial scholarships to attend University of Advancing Technology upon graduation from high school.


Winners of the Great Arizona Code Challenge!Winners of the Great Arizona Code Challenge!

Winners of the Great Arizona Code Challenge!

A huge thanks to the UAT Professors involved as well as the many volunteers from Infusionsoft, high school teachers, engineers, software developers and parents in the community for being part of this awesome event preparing local high school students for a future in technology!

Click the link to learn more about the technology degrees offered at UAT: www.uat.edu

Find out more about Game Programming Professor Hue Henry and Robotics and Embedded Systems Professor Mark Fedasiuk.


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