October 21, 2017

UAT Professor Vita-More, Panelist At BRINK2015.1

Speakers at the Brink - Natasha Vita-Moore

UAT is proud of faculty member Natasha Vita-More, Professor of Human Enhancement Technology, Emerging Technology, Multi-Media and Design and Bio Science, who spoke on two panels at the BRINK2015.1 Conference last weekend in Palm Desert, Cali.

BRINK2015.1 is a unique gathering of technologists, futurists, engineers, space entrepreneurs and social philosophers, all brought together to discuss the path we find ourselves on, to thoughtfully consider how and where we want to go in the future.

Professor Vita-More (top center in the photo) spoke on the following topics: Designing New Humanity: A is for Augmentation, or is it Avatar?” and “What I Know Now: Defining and Fulfilling the Needs of a New Humanity.”

BRINK2015.1, held at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa and presented by BRINK Institute and featured global leaders in science and tech, encouraged active participation from attendees and guests along with special events, networking and more.

Attendees experienced exhibits, networking and two full days of conversations with today’s thought leaders in fields as diverse as robotics and social media, and as interconnected as humanity and exploration.

For more information about BRINK2015.1, visit: http://brinkinstitute.org/


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