May 24, 2018

UAT Offers Hot New Courses Like Virtual Reality and The Walking Dead Analysis

Gothic Literature Class

Did you know that UAT offers a class on the hit zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead? Why yes, we do!

You can also learn how to bring Virtual Reality products to market right as the industry is blowing up with new opportunities. No matter what you’re interested in, UAT has an epic selection of classes that lovers of technology like yourself can get excited about!

Each semester UAT offers a variety of special topics courses in humanities (HUM388), science (SCI388), social sciences (SS388), and technology (SPT323).

Classes are filling up for the Spring 2017 semester. Students can get immersed in technology in so many cool ways with these hot, new courses. Take a look!


HUM388 Walking Dead taught by Professor Maureen Beam
This course examines the critically acclaimed AMC TV series, “Walking Dead.” To understand the success of the program during its first 5 seasons (2010-2015) and its continued appeal, students will apply various critical lenses including gender, race, ethics, and survival. In addition to viewing key episodes in the series, students will read from literature and online articles.

SCI388 Environmental Perspectives taught by Professor Jill Brumand
Environmental Perspectives offers a holistic study of sustainability challenges and technologies through the lens of filmmakers as storytellers. This course will present a brief history of environmentalism and the impact of economic, social and environmental issues through sustainability discourse in environmental documentaries and popular culture. This course will provide students a connection to community and society by showing them challenges from places around the world in different sectors as well as allowing them to problem-solve and present their own solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. The course will cover topics of energy, waste, food and sustainable agriculture, ocean sustainability, urban design and development, poverty and social well-being and climate change.

SS388 American History Survey taught by Professor Abby Pfeiffer
This course will focus on the major social, political, and cultural developments in the history of the United States. The course will begin with the colonial period and progress through key parts of American history including the American Revolution, the Constitution, Antebellum America, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Industrial Revolution, the Progressive Era, World War One, the Great Depression, World War Two, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the post-Vietnam War era. This course is not about rote memorization but instead focuses on critical thinking to analyze the events of the past and how these events shaped American history.

Gothic Literature Poster

HUM388 Gothic Literature taught by Professor Craig Belanger
Special topics courses are intended to provide focused studies within a specific discipline. Students in this course will engage in the advanced study of a specific aspect of the humanities, potentially engaging the basic principles of art, creative writing, literature, architecture and/or music. Students will consider subject matter within various contexts, which might include a social, historical, cultural and/or political context.


SPT323 Dive into the Virtual Reality Market taught by Professor Ben Reichert
An experimental class on Virtual Reality with the goal of putting works into the marketplace. Innovation will come through market analysis, tinkering, partnerships and rapid prototyping. Games will be the focus, but anything is possible, with market research backing. The goal here is to get students intimately familiar with building quickly and going to market in the new VR space. The ultimate goal will be to get the attention of groups like the VR Fund to acquire resources to grow the UAT VR program and place students right into the industry.

SPT323 UAT Digital Tour taught by Professor Hue Henry
Virtual Reality Technology is poised to become one of the hot trends in marketing. This course will examine the role that this burgeoning technology will play in the advertising of the very near future. Students will explore how traditional advertising techniques can be adapted to Virtual Reality, and will create VR projects, including a Virtual Reality Tour of the UAT Campus for both PC and mobile-based VR Technologies.


SPT323 Marketing for Digital Media taught by Professor Seth Landau – 7.5-wk (March)
So you’ve made something awesome. Now what? How do you get people to see it, care about it, and share it with their friends? If you’ve done it right, you thought about these issues before you even started your project. In this course, students will learn how to identify the audience for a project, how to plan a campaign, leverage social media as well as traditional media, develop a marketing plan, and more.

Professor Paul DeNigris teaching to Digital Video students.

Professor Paul DeNigris teaching to Digital Video students.

SPT323 Your Digital Self taught by Professor Paul DeNigris and Digital Media Maven Lauren Fach – 7.5-wk (January)
In our ever more connected world, your social media persona is often the first impression others will have of you. How do you put your best digital self forward? This course will help students navigate the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more, as well as give them the tools to create their own websites, blogs, logos, and other elements of their digital identity.

SPT323 Wearable Technologies taught by Professor Sharon Bolman
Students will experience various aspects of Wearable Technology through an exploration of innovations in style and design. Effective use of design practices will be applied to technology in clothing, ergonomic wearable computers, and technology accessories. Extensive research will be combined with practical applications in the creation of prototypes.

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