October 21, 2018

UAT Hosts Chief Science Officer Training for High School Students Interested in STEM

Chief Science Officer training at UAT

On Saturday, September 26, UAT will host 50-80 high school leaders, tech students and STEM advocates, from approximately 30 high schools in Arizona for Chief Science Officer training.

This 1-day camp will give students tips in leadership, communication, teamwork, branding, and so much more in order for these individuals to give STEM a voice in Student Government at their schools. Student Government is usually comprised of political officials, a president, VP, secretary and treasurer, but this program will add the Chief Science Officer, a position supporting science, technology, engineering and assisting geeks to become better communicators and advocates for STEM.

UAT was involved when the session met at Camp Tontozona in July 2015. (Photo below.)

Teaching tech to high school leaders

Teaching tech to high school leaders

Now, the Arizona SciTech Fest is moving the workshop to UAT for the next two years, which is awesome news! We get the chance to participate in shaping young tech leaders for the future and helping to create interest in the engineering world, which is such a critical need in Arizona.

We at UAT are very excited for this opportunity to be presented as a top STEM destination in the Valley for local students and their peers, to which they advocate. Additionally we see this as a chance to serve the community through supporting the CSO Training program, which increases students in the high school pipeline planning to enter the STEM workforce.

What is a CSO? A Chief Science Officer or “CSO” is a 6th to 12th grade student elected by their peers to represent their school in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and innovation. The 2015-16 year marks the inaugural year with 70 schools throughout Arizona having elected 120 CSOs.

Find out more information about the Chief Science Officers here: http://chiefscienceofficers.com

Event details: http://azscitech.com/scitech_event/cso-fall-institute-2015


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