July 18, 2018

UAT Game Jam Workshop

UAT Workshop Game Jam

UAT Game Studios Professor Matt Marquit assigned Game Art and Animation student Terrence Miller, the awesome task of hosting a game jam. As an artist, Terrence made it his own with the secret theme of “trigger words and safe spaces” to allow students to unleash their creativity and develop some pretty interesting indie games.

Over the weekend, seven teams participated making a total of six games. Students Jesse Rogers, Kenny Ryan, Tyler Feddler and John Wiener served as judges with their experience participating in game jams, it was time to take a turn in the judges seat. Professors Mark Smith and Derric Clark also gave their professional opinions as judges as well.

Here’s a list of the winners:

A team consisting of Terrence Miller and Adam Oisboid won overall as well as Cliff Race Moosetastic



Workshop-Game-Jam-at-UATThe prizes consisted of:

Best Use of Theme: Freerealms Posters signed by one of the developers, Matthew Marquit.

Best Polished: 5 college rule notebooks.

Best Art: Crimson Nights steam download codes (this was Hue Henry’s team that won this so it should be easy to get a hold of him).

Best Overall: Signed copy of Cars, and MX vs ATV Reflex, both signed by developers of those games, Matthew Marquit for Cars, and Lynn Understiller for MX vs ATV Reflex.

Here is a link to play some of the games made last weekend.


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