October 21, 2018

UAT eSports Team Clenches West 6 Division – On To West Regionals!

UAT eSports League of Legends team

UAT does sports, eSports!

Yes, you read that right. UAT has a 5-member eSports team called “That’s Suboptimal” who’ve been competing in the Collegiate Starleague League of Legends Competitions for the win. Believe it or not, they are actually killin’ it in the game and are currently undefeated!

Team That’s Suboptimal now sits atop the West 6 Division having won out over Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Riverside, Cal State San Bernadino and the Long Beach BeachBoys.

Winning their division in regular season play, has earned them a bye this week and they automatically advance to the Round of 32 on February 25. This means they already rank in the best 32 teams in the West regions. Details here.

You may wonder if playing video games competitively requires any talent or skill. Well, Team That’s Suboptimal functions in many ways like that of a normal sports team. They meet three times a week logging over 20 hours of practice. It’s like a workout for a football team, they aren’t just hanging out playing games for fun, they work on specific skills needed for competition.

What’s the big draw to the eSports industry? Student blogger Austin Lee went in to detail about “Why Do People Get Excited About eSports?” eSports enthusiasts, check it out!

What’s next?

In both the regular season and now in the playoffs, Team That’s Suboptimal plays a “best of three games” match against an opposing team, but these playoffs are single elimination, so if they lose one of these “best of three” matches, they will be eliminated.

It also means that the number of contenders is cut in half each week.

They have a bye on Feb. 25 are currently ranked in the top 16 teams in the West and will play in the Round of 16 on March 4.

If they win on March 4, they will enter the Regional Quarter Finals or the Top 8 on March 11. Teams that make it to that stage will earn scholarships.

If they make it all the way to the top team in the Region, they will play against the top team for each region in the post-season, but those details have not yet been released.

You can track Team That’s Suboptimal’s progress at the next competition.

Join us in rooting on UAT’s very own eSports Team!

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