October 19, 2018

UAT Alumnus Releases “Sketchcross” Game on PlayStation



Do you love video games? UAT Alumnus Kendal Cormany, 24, definitely loves to play video games, but he also loves to create them, as well! Kendal earned a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming from the University of Advancing Technology in 2012.

After graduation, Kendal was contracted to design mobile games, but he desired the creativity and freedom of starting his own business, which today is known as Spiky Fish Games.

Kendal Cormany

Kendal heard of an opportunity through friends at UAT about Game CoLab, an incubator who supports video game companies. In May 2014, he applied for the Community Development Block Grant program, which is funded by the City of Phoenix, and went through a vigorous interview process pitching a small demo of his game, Sketchcross, to a board of three individuals and the Founder and CEO of Game CoLab and UAT Professor Ben Reichert.

Kendal was one of six game designers accepted to the CDBG-funded incubator program that includes funding, mentoring and office space in exchange for 5 percent equity in his company and game. Kendal got down to business perfecting Sketchcross in June 2014, and released the game on the Playstation®Store this past April.

“This is a big accomplishment because I’m pretty sure that I’m the first company in Arizona to have a current generation game out on the market,” said Kendal.

Sketchcross is a nonogram logic picture puzzler available on PlayStation®Vita taking cues from Sudoku and Crosswords to form a picture. With more than 50 puzzles and a timed frenzy mode, Sketchcross delivers hours of brain­challenging fun.

Sketchcross on Playstation

While attending UAT, Kendal’s professors saw his potential and encouraged him to keep up the good work. He was on the right path to transforming his degree into a career.

“Every teacher I had at UAT emphasized heavily on being able to execute a concept so that it’s tangible for others to experience. I really took that to heart and used that philosophy through and through,” said Kendal.

In the future, Kendal is looking to expand his team to add a talented game programmer proficient in Unity, to port the game to European markets and to continue pursuing his dream of creating video games.

Sketchcross is rated E for Everyone and is available in the Playstation®Store for $7.99. This summer Sketchcross will release free downloadable packs and add more features of play to the game. Click the link for more information on Sketchcross: http://sketchcross.com/

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Click for more information on Game CoLab: www.gamecolab.org

Game CoLab

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