August 18, 2018

Thought Leader: What’s In It For Me?

Blog post by Adam Monk, Sales Director, Building Design Services, LLC

In today’s market, whether you are selling cars, software, or real estate you need to pay more attention to your clients needs.

Everyone remembers Henry Ford’s famous comment of “They can have it in any color as long as it’s black,” step back into the early 1900’s and being the first automated car manufacturer, you can get away with that kind of brass customer interaction.

In today’s market, it’s the one of the single biggest aspects to selling your products or services. You really need to take the time to understand your target market, and “what is in it for them” to purchase your goods or services. No detail is too small or to be overlooked, one mistake can have devastating impacts to your bottom line.

As the owner or entrepreneur, put yourself in your client’s shoe’s, how would you want the sale or transaction to take place? That in its self can often be more important than the actual product or service you are selling.

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