September 25, 2018

This Musical Tesla Coil Circuit Plays Tetris Theme Song

Musical Tesla Coil Circuit

Blog post by Robotics student Brandon Mickelsen

There’s always something awesome happening in the robotics lab at UAT. As a robotics major, it’s so much fun to be a part of it.

One of my most recent projects was something I’ve been meaning to build since high school, a musical Tesla Coil.

You may have heard of Tesla Coils. They’re essentially large coils of wire that steps up a low voltage power source into a much, much higher voltage – on the order of thousands of volts. The coils often produce a corona discharge (an electrical arc that looks like a purple flame) at one end, making a beautiful (but dangerous) light display. You can add audio to the circuit, causing the arc to produce sound.

It’s similar to how lightning produces thunder – the arc heats up the air around it, pushing the air molecules at a specific frequency (ex. the musical notes).

Check out the Musical Tesla Coil Circuit on YouTube.

My own design makes use of a Slayer-Exciter Tesla Coil circuit, which is just a transistor-based Tesla Coil. I paired it with an Arduino Uno to create the music.

Check out my project on


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