September 25, 2018

The Life of a Game Producer Featuring Alumni Erin Ali

game producer at monolith

Alumni Erin Ali graduated from UAT in 2007 with a Multimedia Degree. Today she has a career as an Online/Social Producer at Monolith Productions working on “Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” the sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Her job duties include running schedule and production for the Online and Business Development Team.

At a high-level her job encompasses all server-driven features, working with the game publisher and multiple external teams for platform and BI support and building/driving the post-ship live plan with Marketing and Community.

Because Erin studied Multimedia classes at UAT, she got exposure to roles/disciplines in industry that were helpful as her current role as a Producer.

Erin Ali

The GAM101 course provided a view into the industry and being a student at a University that highly mirrored the male:female ratio in the industry, she had an idea of what her career could largely look like.

The AAA Game Industry

Did I mention that Erin began her career with Blizzard?

Let’s touch on that!

Erin worked at Blizzard Entertainment for 7 years. How cool?!

“Blizzard was a great experience. I learned a ton there and it greatly shaped what kind of Producer I am and the background I have in platform development.”

Erin’s Advice About Blizzard Careers:

  • Get used to interviewing early on in your career.
  • Ask for feedback and take constructive criticism from peers and authorities.
  • Let your quality show in your work and personality.
  • Get used to conversations being a two-way street.
  • Feedback does not go away once you’re hired, you can always learn new ways to improve.

Erin’s Top Tips for Breaking into Industry
1. Networking
2. Solid Resume
3. Professional Portfolio
4. Interviewing Skills

Remember: Developers are people, too and want to help if they can.

How to Network at Blizzard

  • Don’t treat it coldly.
  • Don’t approach every developer with the idea of ‘get a job, get a job, get a job.’
  • Approach them genuinely with an eagerness to learn.
  • The person who gave Erin’s resume to a hiring manager at Blizzard was a guest lecturer she met at Tech Forum.
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