September 25, 2017

Terrasect Mobile

Terrasect Mobile

“I’m tired of hearing that UAT students aren’t doing anything here. It’s not true.” 

“I’m tired of hearing that UAT students aren’t doing anything here. It’s not true,” said John Wisniewski, 27, a senior in the Game Programming curriculum, who keeps himself busy by following his dream to create video games.

About a year ago, John and co-owner Jeff Rosenberg, 24, started Terrasect Mobile, LLC and added a core team of skilled programmers, designers and artists to the mix.

The Terrasect team also includes the following UAT students: designer Donald Schepis, 20, artist Molly Cuddihy, 20, designer Nick Reed, 27, UAT alumnus Joe Keigher, 21, and programmer Trevor Berninger, 20, as well as interns; programmer Zach Beauchamp, 20 and designer Tyler Bason, 21.

Terrasect has currently released five mobile games and three apps on Google Play.

“Mobile is the best product for a small team to focus on. You get a better, more pre-polished product. Mobile games can be completed faster than trying to work on a game for one or two years because some projects never get finished and teams come and go,” said John.


Check out the vastly growing portfolio from Terrasect Mobile, LLC:


1. PiGame – Developed at a Game Jam. This game was made and released in 28 hours. The objective is to learn the numbers of Pi up to 10,000 digits. Download PiGame.

Francisco's Brick Pizza Game

Francisco’s Brick Pizza Game

2. My Ninja – This was the first game we created. Inspired from the existing game Flappy Bird and we improved the game by adding more moves. We weren’t planning on releasing it and someone suggested that we should, it gave us the push to start Terrasect Mobile and get an LLC. Download My Ninja.

3. Francisco’s Brick Pizza – This was a paid gig for the group. The business owner wanted to be more connected to his customers so we designed a game for customers to score points by playing a pizza game. For high scores, the customer wins coupons and deals at the restaurant in Chandler. Download Francisco’s Brick Pizza Game.

4. Wizards 1984 – A fun shooting game on mobile. Play to defend the Techno-tower from Techno-Vikings who want to steal your loot! Download Wizards 1984.

5. Wizards 1984 VR – Same game, but made for Google Cardboard to be used with a basic Virtual Reality headset. Download Wizards 1984 VR.


1. Gamer Workout – This app provides a workout based on how well you perform in video game. There are three settings: easy, medium and hard. For example, in the game HALO, on the medium setting if you scored 10 kills in the game, the app would have the gamer do 12 pushups.

See this video for a quick Gamer Workout demo:

2. Sleep Blue LTE – We were contracted to make this app. This app helps you fall asleep naturally by helping reset your body’s Circadian rhythm without using medications or herbal remedies. Basically it is the way your body reacts to light and dark cycles of day and night. So far we have 5,000 downloads.

3. Sex Light LTE – This app is a mood setting light with a timer for intimate moments. We have over 10,000 downloads to-date.

Download Terrasect Mobile games and apps on Google Play:

“Community is what gaming needs. If your not involved in a community or network and no one knows about your game, you won’t be successful.”

John strives to make the most of his time at UAT by staying active in the gaming community on campus. He is receptive to collaborating on new games and projects as much as he can. With events like the Intel Game Camp and the Game Project Job Fair, staying involved in the community is easy at UAT. “I like to get involved on campus as much as possible without burning out,” John said.

Team Terrasect

Team Terrasect

John chose to attend UAT because the project base learning method intrigued him. “Although moving out-of-state for college was a difficult decision, I’m glad I did it. I enjoy learning by doing with a more hands-on approach rather than lecture and theory.”

The best part about attending UAT is the freedom to work in teams, to bounce ideas back and forth, share knowledge, and collaborate. Sometimes your idea is good, but a team member may have an idea that would work even better. Work smarter, not harder!

John believes that when he enters the real world, he will have much more experience to offer employers than a paper resume could ever portray.

In the world of video games, teamwork is how you make the dream work. So let’s find out how exactly Terrasect Mobile got started.

Trevor, Molly, Joe and Donald were to UAT in the fall semester of 2013. These four students participated in the Noob Game Jam a few weeks into the semester and were on the same team with two alumni programmers.

Donald said, “We created our first game, a frustrating 2D platformer called At Wit’s End. After the Game Jam, we decided to continue working together, and this eventually led to the creation of Aftermorrow Productions, LLC. Aftermorrow named for their heavy Game Jam involvement, as the games should be finished by the day after tomorrow, thus After Tomorrow.”

Once of the alumni programmers from the Game Jam team was working with another alum programmer, Jeff Rosenberg. He invited Joe, Molly, and Donald to help with the project. While that project never made it to market, it started their long working relationship with Jeff. The group would meet John Wisniewski a semester later while looking for more team members.

John and Jeff hit it off right away and wanted to produce mobile games. Aftermorrow was always supposed to be a company that released PC games, a vessel for larger projects, thus Terrasect Mobile, LLC was born. The group still holds on to Aftermorrow, and will use it once they have enough money to tackle making a larger game.

Terrasect Mobile at UAT

John Wisniewski and Donald Schepis working in the UAT Commons

From there the group kept working, and continues to do so to this day. Terrasect Mobile makes games, apps, and networks with other businesses to be as successful as possible.

“I feel that no matter where we go or who we work for, Aftermorrow-Terrasect will always be a part of us, if not just for the friends and co-workers we found through them but hopefully more,” said Donald.

Check out Aftermorrow Productions:

So, what’s next?

Terrasect is working on sequel for Wizards 1984. We are also creating a kids game that takes ideas from the movie “UP” and also indirectly offers kids an “Easter egg” with a bit of light historical education illustrated in the landscape.

Game designers like to hide an “Easter egg” in games, which is a small gift or surprise in a game for the player to experience.

John also plans to assist teams working on Greenlight Projects, such as The Great War with intern Nick Reed and KnickKnax. At UAT, Greenlight Projects are game pitches presented by students to a class who votes on them, if selected they work on your game for a semester.

Keep your eyes on Terrasect Mobile, as they continue to set the bar high for UAT students and the future of mobile games.

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