July 18, 2018

Summer of Cyber Security Events

Cyber Security Degree at UAT

It’s summer at UAT and not only do we keep campus cool with fun club events and activities at the UAT Founder’s Hall dorms, students enrolled in various Network Security and Cyber Security majors have hot some opportunities to shine.

Black Hat Briefings

The Black Hat Briefings is a security conference giving corporate businesses, government agencies, military, the private sector and independent security experts access to panels, industry experts, companies and technology in the security world.

This year, Black Hat will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, from July 22- 27.

UAT Network Security students and alumni have an opportunity to work as paid volunteers with the conference. They are responsible for tasks such as setting up the network, placing network cables, setting up APs (access points or wifi connections), setting up switches and routers, setting up the Network Operations Command (NOC), crowd control, collecting completed documents, classroom presentation support, customer assistance and problem solving when needed. Read about past experiences at Black Hat here.


DEF CON is one of the oldest and largest hacker conventions, which seems to continue growing each year. UAT will make its usual rounds at DEF CON to connect with alumni as well as technology-driven individuals interested in network security.

The UAT booth was a popular spot last year with our selection of witty t-shirts, tech swag and information on attending UAT to obtain a Bachelor’s in Network Security, Network Forensics and Network Engineering or the coveted Master of Information Assurance.

Keep up with Cyber Security Canyon

UAT President Jason Pistillo is an advocate and a board member of Cyber Security Canyon. This coalition aims to help grow the cyber security industry in Arizona and make sure that the talent, training, employers and resources exist right here to be a major cyber hub in the nation.

Security Canyon’s coalition objectives are:

  • Attract and retain the cyber talent in Arizona
  • Share the cyber-related jobs that are available to qualified candidates
  • Provide a focal point for educational partnerships to foster the availability of cyber technology talent across Arizona
  • Promote the benefits of working in the cyber sector in Arizona

This summer, cyber security students will gain lots of real world experience perfect to add to their resumes!


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