September 25, 2018

Summer Game Jam at UAT

Global Game Jam awards

UAT Game Studios is hosting a summer Game Jam at UAT on July 7-9, to power up the level of energy and productivity around campus.

Game Jams unfold quickly in just 48-hours, giving developers a deadline of completion. UAT Professor Ben Reichert is a huge advocate for Game Jams and students starting their own indie game studio.

Game Jams are held at UAT multiple times a year usually producing some really awesome games. Some notable past Game Jam winners have been Whiskered Away, Couch Game, Happy Skies and Crimson Nights, which have all seen further development.

How does a Game Jam work? We spoke with Game Programming student Jesse Rogers about his experience working in Game Jams and he described the process.

  • Reveal the theme
  • Form a team
  • Discuss ideas and concepts quickly (less than 2 hours)
  • Gather and write a quick game document – functions, features, art assets, etc.
  • Get to work, individual skills – development stage
  • Test game regularly
  • Sleep and eat when you can, aim for 6 hours per night to function
  • Remove bugs and features, broken or ran out of time
  • Submit finished project
  • Judging and awards

“Most people will come up with an idea at the beginning and half way through will have to pivot just like in actual game development. Prepare for things to go bad, just don’t freak out about it,” Jesse said.

Join the Game Studios Game Jam at UAT on July 7-9. For more information visit the UAT Game Studios Facebook page.


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