October 22, 2018

Getting an Artificial Intelligence Degree at UAT

Will humans live on Mars? Will we have enough water? Will AI outsmart humans? It’s tough to predict the future. But if predicting and shaping the future of technology can help make that future a better one for everyone, then it is a worthwhile pursuit. That’s why we launched an artificial intelligence degree program here at the University of Advancing Technology more than 10 years ago and continue to push boundaries today and tomorrow.

“We’ve been teaching AI for years under the artificial life moniker because we know how important life forms and distributed programming are for AI constructs,” UAT President Jason Pistillo said. We retitled the program Artificial Intelligence to align with industry.

The AI program at UAT derives inspiration from biology and design thinking. UAT AI students develop applications using evolutionary and genetic algorithms, cellular automata, artificial neural networks, agent-based models and other artificial intelligence methodologies. They learn how to apply the principles of natural language processing, machine learning, behavior simulation, deep learning and big data to solve real-world problems.

“AI has become the forefront of the computer science industry, and being at the forefront of technology is UAT’s strong suit,” said Professor Jill Coddington, the Advancing Computer Science Program Champion at UAT. “We adapt quickly, so we can develop and teach classes on emerging technologies while they are still new and relevant,” she added. For example, we’re teaching a special topics class on augmented reality (AR) and the HoloLens during the summer 2018 semester.

UAT professors encourage students to propose and pursue projects that interest them. And most importantly, they’re around, especially since we launched Ramen Bar Thursdays. You can always find UAT faculty and students in the cafe, sharing bowls of ramen and engaging in critical discussions. How do we create algorithms without biases? Who is liable when a self-driving car crashes? How can we use AI to work more efficiently? What’s the most badass Fortnite Battle Royale skin? (P.S. You can make your own skin now.)

AI continues to disrupt a wide range of industries from transportation to finance, marketing and healthcare. “We predict that every medium to large business will utilize AI in at least some capacity in the near future, so having strong AI skills will make UAT grads very marketable,” Coddington said.

Students who study AI set themselves up for successful careers as data scientists, machine learning engineers and product designers. AI might also lead to future careers as data detectives, chief trust officers, quantum machine-learning analysts and genomic portfolio directors!

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