May 24, 2018

Students Innovate Foot Mount for HTC Vive

HTC Vive Foot Mount

VR begins to evolve at UAT!

UAT students from all different majors put their heads together to create a new adaption for the HTC Vive handheld controller.

Currently the HTC Vive VR headset allows the player to use motion-tracked, hand controllers to interact in fully immersive environments. The controllers offer the ability for the user to pick up objects, communicate and explore different levels within the game.

The more these students familiarized themselves with the HTC Vive, it sparked a neat idea. Because many of them played on the UAT soccer team, they were interested in finding a way to play soccer with the HTC Vive.

Robotics alumni Greck Santiago said, “I threw out the idea and it was sort of a joke, but the team thought it was cool.”

So how was the Foot Mount made?

Using Autodesk Inventor to design the 3D model, Greck came up with the design and sent the file to Maker Tech Mike Syfritt to print on the large 3d printer on second floor. Because Greck worked in the UAT Bindery, he was more familiar with 3D prints and he knew which files to send.

Once it was printed, the team purchased velcro to attach the controllers together and also to your foot.

HTC Vive Foot Mount

HTC Vive Foot Mount, a Student Innovation Project

Game Programmer Jersey Calderwood tested out the HTC Vive Foot Mount with code he wrote.

During the project, a few members of the soccer team were injured and this innovation enabled them to still play.

It’s awesome to see students from all different majors and skills coming together to create a brand new innovative product.

The HTC Vive Foot Mount team consists of: Zakari Kaszubowski, Lead Environment Artist (Game Art and Animation), Jersey Calderwood, Programmer (Advancing Computer Science/ Game Programming), TJ Tapia, Environment Artist (Game Art and Animation) and Greck Santiago Programmer (Robotics and Embedded Systems).

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