October 19, 2018

Student Game Entered in Indie Game Maker Contest

Colliding Souls

A UAT Student Team has recently put out a game called Colliding Souls – and they decided to enter their game into a contest. Please check this blog out and consider voting for one our own!

GAME INFO – Colliding Souls

Genre: An old-school turned based role-playing game (RPG) in the style of Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star.

Back story: The game follows the son of the man who lead the Great Slave Revolt and his people to freedom. Now years later, a young Farmer must grow into a man much sooner than expected. In his journey he will meet friends, perhaps love, and a world about to enter a long war.

Team leader bio, Tim Clough: Tim is a 44-year-old UAT Game Design student who has been a Chef, Computer Tech, Furniture Salesman and is now one course away from Graduation.

The Voting Deadline is October 2, 2015. Please VOTE for the Community Choice prize and help our students win! 

To vote, you must create an account on gamedevfort.com. They only ask for an email address and name.

After creating the account, go back to the link above and click Vote+1.  You will get a message then click back and click Vote +1 one more time and you will see the numbers go up!

The game can be found on the contest page here at http://contest.gamedevfort.com/submission/375#.VdK7aJd5Hlb

Indie Game Maker Contest

Game Cast:

      TIMOTHY FRANKLIN CLOUGH – Head Game Designer

(Original Story Plot and Concepts, Maps, End Game Story, Engine Implementation, Art Editing, Video Editing, Audio editing, Writing and Rewrites, Map edits)


           (Head Writer)


(Custom Sprites, Art Research, Custom Faces)


(Sidequests, Maps-Rafondale and Base Swamp)


(Additional art, altered faces, original Moon Kiss picture art)

Voice Talent:

         Sayaka Mashiro (Mai Yn, Little Girl)

         Josh del Mundo (Player Rainford)

         Chris Quandt (Autar Vossin)

         Richard Barcenas (Poros)

         Rina Adachi (Duroria Surlius)

         Lara Falcone (Lucia, Maria)

         Michael Micmohan (Judtar and Chuk O’Melak, Motoro)

         Tim Clough (Guards, Vossin’s Personal Guard, Vossin’s LT)


Game Engine: RPG Game Maker VX ACE

For news on the Retail Version Visit our site at LHKGames.com.

Awesome job on your game, students!


Learn how to follow your dreams with a degree in Game Design at UAT: www.uat.edu/game-design-degree


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