September 25, 2018

Spooky Locations Give “Help Falls” Horror Film Cred

Help Falls-winners at Student Innovation Project Fair (SIP)

“Help Falls” is the collaboration of UAT Digital Video cinematic innovators who dreamed up the idea for this interactive, horror film that allows the viewer to interact along with the movie and choose the ending on behalf of the main character, featuring up to 30 possible endings.

A choose your own adventure of the horror variety… let’s see what happens next!

As a team, Jordan Wippell, Brandon Scott and Gwyneth Christoffel, make up Brandingo Films and have collaborated on numerous shorts in their time spent at UAT. “We started working together on an official music video project for They Might Be Giants, a band I idolize and the submission won. After that, we realized that we were all really driven and looking to push our education to get the most out of it… and we freaking loved horror movies, and movies in general,” Jordan Wippell said.

Help Falls includes six sub-genres and dubbed the first film of its kind in Arizona, took home two awards, both Viewer’s Choice and Best in Show, at the Fall 2016 Student Innovation Project Fair. See the trailer below.

What is the coolest part about a horror film?

The spooky locations, of course!

Each location had a unique connection to horror like the famous haunted jailhouse in Globe, the abandoned Promise Hospital with erie activity and a cameo of the famous location where Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” was filmed, currently the Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown Phoenix.

“We even shot outside the room he stayed in.” said Jordan. “On location in Globe, I also asked the film crew to stand in a haunted jail cell in pitch black for a few minutes to attempt to freak them out, which is a really simple technique I learned from my time doing camerawork for a Paranormal Investigator. It worked!”

Because they were filming a horror movie, location scouting took them all over Arizona looking for the perfect spots.

Help Falls cast and crew

Help Falls cast and crew

“Brandon and I drove a really long way near Payson to try and find a stretch of road suitable for the opening scene. After finding the road, we started driving back and stopped at this really strange dive bar, it was like something out of David Lynch film. It had a HUGE pumpkin on the top and was in the middle of nowhere. We had a drink and just took in the strangeness of it all. It was a moment fitted for Help Falls.”

See the most recent updates from Help Falls on their Facebook page and YouTube.

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