May 22, 2018

See UAT’s Booth at DEF CON 25


Once the Black Hat Briefings come to an end, some UAT student volunteers will report as workers at DEF CON!

Because both security conferences fall on the same week, in the same city, many people attend both Black Hat and DEF CON. UAT has a large presence at DEF CON with a huge booth located at Caesar’s Palace where attendees can learn more about cyber security, our bachelor and master’s degrees and check out some cool, nerd swag.

DEF CON is more edgy than Black Hat, as it was created in 1993 by a core hacker group who wanted to explore and practice technology. This event focuses on the practice of hacking and discovering new ways to infiltrate security.

One thing is true about DEF CON, these people are extremely passionate about hacking. It’s not just a hobby, but a passion and DEF CON is where these like-minded people can gather for events like CTF Challenges, the Lock Picking Village, the Tesla Car Hack Challenge and more.

If you are a UAT Net Sec student, be on the lookout for when Black Hat is looking to hire paid volunteers! This experience is a wonderful resume builder and it could even present opportunities that you had never considered.


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